More About Me (my CV)

My name is pronounced as [dʒɪɑ̄ɕìŋ ý].

My main research areas are in semantics and syntax. I do theoretical and computational semantics, and also some experimental syntax. I enjoy using mathematical ways to represent the internal structure and meanings of natural languages under the superficial combination of words. I have specific interests in indefiniteness, semantic restrictions on modifiers, anaphors and ellipsis.

Recent News:

--> I have achieved Rutgers Cognitive Science Graduate Certificate!

--> My experimental semantics work (collaborated with Shannon Bryant) 'Comparing reflexive and personal pronouns in Chinese locative prepositional phrases', has been accepted as a Talk at 2024 LSA Annual Meeting.

--> I present my semantics paper on Mandarin demonstratives @ESSLLI2023 and @SuB28(Sinn und Bedeutung).

--> I colloborated with Rutgers Computer Science Department on the Amazon Conversational AI Bot Competition 2023 DiwBot-taskbot-challenge.

--> I completed my QP1 on Mandarin demonstratives under the supervision of Dorothy Ahn.

--> I presented my Master’s Thesis at LSA 2021 'The Syntactic and Semantic Analysis of Classifier-noun phrases in Mandarin', with emphasis on lexical semantics of classifiers, under the supervision of Scott Grimm.

As for organizational and volunteer service:

I served as the Rutgers Linguistics Colloquium Organizer from 2021 to 2023.

I also served as Rutgers Syntax Reading Group organizer from 2021 to 2023.

I was a member of Quantitative Semantics Lab at Rochester.

I was also a member of Runner's Eye-Tracking Lab at Rochester.